PUBLICATIONS: Articles by Paula Martiesian
• Spring 2012 RISD XYZ Becky Fong
• Fall 2011 RISD XYZ Kristina DiTullo
• Spring 2011 RISD XYZ Jim Leggitt
• Winter 2010 RISD XYZ Polly Carpenter
• Fall 2010 RISD XYZ David Stark
• March 2006 Destination Providence: The Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
• September 2005 Destination Providence: Boris Bally - Road Signs to Success
• March 2005 Destination Providence: Collecting 101
• October 2003 The Providence Journal: Finishing Touches
• March 1991-March 1999 QUIX Art Magazine, Editor, feature writer and editor

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Articles about Paula Martiesian
• Gallery Night Turns Sweet 16 by Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal ( March 11, 2012)
• Joan Nathan Tells Stories by Gail Ciampa, The Providence Journal (November 2, 2005)
• The New American Cooking by Joan Nathan (October 2005)
• Five Rhode Island Artists, The Narragansett Times (July 2005)
A Wealth of Color by Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal (May 2005)
• Color Matters in Providence Antiques and the Arts Online (April 2005)
• Sunday’s Best Reflects Social Trends, ArtBusiness News (February 2005)
• Living Color by Bill Rodriguez, The Providence Phoenix (December 2003)
Martiesian’s Vivid Colors by Roger Birn 02835, The Jamestown Journal (November 2003)
• When Looking at Art, Consider the How and Why, The Newport Daily News (November 2003)
• Finishing Touches by Paula Martiesian, The Providence Journal (October 2003)
• Aids Care Ocean State Calendar (2003)
• Color In Full Bloom by Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal (March 2002)
Two by Two by Tom Morrissey, Providence Monthly (March 2002)
• Fields of Color by Niccola Iovino, The Narragansett Times (March 2002)
• Cover in the Aids Care Ocean State Calendar (2002)
• Self Portraits by Channing Gray, The Providence Journal (January 2001)
• Notable Survey by Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal (August 1999)
• Hurry to Catch Martiesian by Channing Gray, The Providence Journal (October 1999)
• Color Dominates October Art Scene by Karen Triedman, East Side Monthly (October 1999)
• Art's Silent Hero by Ellen Liberman, The Providence Journal (March 1997)
• A Space for Art by Doug Riggs, The Rhode Island Magazine (March 1995)
• Artists on Art by Bob Kerr, The Providence Journal (June 1993)



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