Oil Paintings by Paula Martiesian
LEGACIES IN PAINT: The Mentor Project
mentor project
Artist Buck Hastings in the
studio with mentor/artist
John Riedel.

January 12 - May 5, 2013
Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI

Friday, February 1, 5 - 7 pm

March 24 at 2 pm

"Legacies in Paint" is the culmination of a four-month mentoring project that paired five mid- to late- career painters (Paula Martiesian, David Barnes, Michele Provost, John Riedel and Ida Schmulowitz) with five younger painters (Buck Hastings, Mollie Hosmer-Dillard, Li Jun Lai, Erika Sabel and Dan Talbot).

Martiesian and Hosmer-Dillard spearheaded the project, which has provided a rare platform for Rhode Island artists to meet, exchange ideas and create art. The eldest painter is John Reidel at 62; the youngest, Buck Hastings and Erika Sabel are in their mid-twenties. Martiesian says, "Mentoring is a shared experience through which mid- to late-career painters communicate knowledge, insight, forethought and encouragement to younger, emerging painters, whose fresh ideas and approaches stimulate the visual conversation. The relationship is a collaboration meant to celebrate the individualism of each painter and the visual in visual arts."

mentor project
Legacies in Paint : The Mentor Project
Artists David Barnes and Dan Talbot during a studio visit.

The Mentor Project | At left: Reflected Waves (Paula Martiesian)

The Mentor Project - Provost and Martiesian
The Mentor Project | Newport Art Museum - Gallery Interior
Paintings (l to r) : John Riedel, Michele Provost, Paula Martiesian
mentor project
Legacies in Paint : The Mentor Project
Gallery Show - Newport Art Museum

Mentor Ida Schmulowitz
Photo by Erika Sabel

Crossed Branches Oil Painting by Paula Martiesian
Crossed Branches
36" x 50" | Oil on Linen | 2013
Every Garden Needs a Spirit Tree Oil Painting by Paula Martiesian
Every Garden Needs A Spirit Tree
36" x 50" | Oil on Linen | 2013
Reflected Waves Oil Painting by Paula Martiesian
Reflected Waves
36" x 50" | Oil on Linen | 2013
My Garden Grow Sideways Oil Painting by Paula Martiesian
My Garden Grows Sideways
36" x 50" | Oil on Linen | 2011
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